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Matrix MetaMaterials,
Creating Modern Lifes

The zirconium silicate, produced by Matrix, improves the opacity in sanitary ware,
floor tiles and ceramic board. The end-products have excellent crack resistance,
surface smoothness and color stability.

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Precision Investment Casting

MATRIX's zirconium products are widely used in precision investment castings.
They are uniquely produced to meet the strict requirements of the industries,
including aerospace and automotive applications, such as engine parts, turbine blades,
and others, such as artificial limbs and golf clubs.

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Antimony Catalysts

The antimony preform catalysts produced by Matrix are widely used in the PET fibers
in textile industry and industrial applications such as tire core, safety belts, etc.,
packaging materials in beverage industry, automotive catalytic exhaust treatment,
and denitrification of industrial waste gas, etc.

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Titanium smelting

High titanium slag is the high quality raw material for the production of titanium tetrachloride,
titanium and titanium sponge.Downstream products are widely used in aerospace, rail transit,
automotive, energy industry and chemical industry,etc.

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Matrix focuses in technologies and innovations. Products are widely used in consumer ceramics, ceramics for electronics, specialty application ceramics, precision investment casting, powder metallurgy, glass, refractory, polyester catalysts, automobile exhaust gas treatment catalysts, etc.


Ceramic materials

Applications Ceramic tiles, table wares, sanitary wares, ceramic slabs and synthetic marbles and stones, etc.

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Precision casting, casting coating, refractory materials

Precision casting ceramic shell molds, glass manufacturing, steel stamping, shock grouting molding, casting coating, optical glass, TV glass, silicone resin filler, automobile clutch, brake pad, etc.

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Antimony catalysts

Polyester catalysts, automobile exhaust catalytic treatment, industrial waste gas denitrification, flame retardants, to extend curing time of unsaturated resins.

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Metal injection

MIM metal powder injection molding materials

Intelligent wears, communications, electronic devices, mobile phones, computer devices, 5G base, medical devices, auto parts, power tools, watches, etc.

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Precision Polishing

Precision polishing materials

Stainless steel polishing, Glass polishing, Sapphire substrate polishing, Aluminum nitride polishing, Consumer electronics polishing, etc

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New energy

New energy materials

Application scenarios Lithium ion batteries, fuel cells, etc.

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Functional surface modified/
surface coating materials

Surface functional modified/coating materials

Electronic potting adhesive of epoxy resin system, electronic potting adhesive of polyurethane system, organic resin coating, thermal conductive silicone sheet, thermal conductive silicone grease, etc.

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Titanium slag smelting materials

Products:High titanium slag, Ferroalloy

Used in the production of Titanium tetrachloride, Titanium and Titanium sponge, etc.

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As a recognized national high-tech enterprise, Matrix attained many intellectual property and patent rights, brand recognition and many case studies related to customer specific technical problem-solving experiences. Matrix is committed to continuing its research and development in new materials and technologies.

Research Platform

Matrix has been active in bringing on high-tech talents (Ph.D., M.S. and Engineers), investing in various advanced R&D equipment, promoting industry-university research cooperation, strengthening intellectual property rights protection, actively participating in joint Industry-University (Fine Chemicals (Matrix) Engineering Technology Research Center of Guangdong) research programs. These efforts strengthened MATRIX’s core technologies and a base for further New Products developments. The core technologies include: Catalysis structure design, Chemical synthesis, hydrothermal reactions, nano-fabrication, powder metallurgy, metal-injection-molding, powder micronization, etc..

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Core Technologies

With years of theoretical exploration and practical experience,MATRIX has been acquiring, appling, and innovating the related new materials technology gradually, acquiring chemical synthesis technology, catalyst structure design technology, hydrothermal reaction technology, nano-fabrication technology, powder metallurgy new material design technology and other core and other core technologies.

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R&D Team

MATRX Group has a strong R&D team that combines doctors, masters, middle and senior R&D engineers and other technical personnel. From products design, projects approval, R&D and process control, to process development and optimization, MATRX fully follow the product development system to improve R&D management.

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Since its establishment, MATRIX has followed the best business model – combining and selecting the best practices between the East and the West, to create its own unique management methods. Matrix attained ISO9001 Quality Management System certification, ISO14001 Environmental Management System certification, ISRS International Safety Classification System Level 7 certification, IATF16949 Quality Management System certification, and GB/T 29490 Knowledge Certification of Property Management System certification, etc.

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Matrix is fully committed to “Save the Environment”.  Matrix invests significantly in Process Technologies and Operations Excellence to continue to reduce energy consumption and wastes in its operations. 

Environmental Protection

Continue to reduce energy consumption and wastes in its operations

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Safety Management

Matrix encourages employees to participate in safety activities

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